Curtain is an essential part for home decoration. Variety curtains in the market for us to choose, in order to take home a right panel, some curtain buying tips are necessary.

First curtain style goes well with home style

When doing curtain buying, remember curtain style should can fit room style to reach a perfect collocation. Carefully for kids curtain selection to protest kids safely for his weak anti-ability. Eco-friendly materials are first choice for which without chemical composition and good for kids' heath.

Second is curtain color should be softly as much as it can to protest kids' eye hurt from brilliant color. But not the too dark color, light pink curtain, pain green curtain or light blue curtain are good for kids' bedroom. But brown or black curtains are not suitable for kids' room. Moreover, kids curtain changes in different seasons. Remember curtain sizes use for a room should be the same to reach perfect appearance.


Third is kids' curtains size should be right. A little bit longer or winder than window size. Especially the curtain bottom, appreciate length from the floor is perfect instead of too long or short. Thick curtains are best use for kids' bedroom to save heat from reducing and keep room warm for most kids are feeling cold in the winter. Double payers are best of you can afford to.

kids curtain

Fourth is curtain fabric

children are actively and naughty. Whey might push the curtain for fun, So except to environmentally friendly materials, curtain fabric structure should be solid as much as it can. Only the solid fabric curtain an against to children pulling.