Fancy curtain is one of the most popular curtain for home decoration. There are many patterns on the curtain, some of them have dark background color while more others are light background color. Fancy curtains are lively and actively and beloved by most children.


Children present to innocent and naive. Kids' room full of cheer and cute when doing renovation with which kids can have lots of fantasy space. Fancy curtain decoration idea is the same to kids' room renovation idea. Both of them are purpose to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for kids. Fancy curtains have great air permeability quality even the curtain are draw down, light can go through the fabric gently into the inside room to make room feel warm. And with this bright curtain help, kids feel safe when they are staying in the room. \

Fancy curtains

On point we have to pay attention to is the fancy curtain's pattern and color for boys and girls are different. Make sure whom you are purchasing for and choose the right pattern and color.