For lace, I believe people will not feel strange, because in our life it appears everywhere, and it is probably one of the woman's dress is lace dress, or someone has lace underwear and so on. Have you seen lace curtains before? You can not seem to imagine the lace curtains. If the lace curtains is hanging at home, throughout the year can be used? It is only suitable for use in summer or spring. What it is characterized of lace curtains?

Lace After baptism of the market, only the development of woman's underwear from the past or clothes outside, now has begun to curtains and fabric development, adding some ethnic elements of European-style lace curtains, it will evolve into a new home fashion. Use of lace and lace curtains lace underwear is different, and the cost of imports from Korea lace is very high, but the effect is very costly, and sometimes also worry that such lavish lace curtains hang in the windows would feel. Just from the curtain, it has the effect of finishing touch, such as windows no decorative curtains, it might not look good, something missing, that these things happen, let home changed.

Lace curtains has several major features: no fading, no distortion, no pleats, and because of the relatively soft, is also very easy to clean. Since lace is thin, its shading effect is not very good, so lace curtains has more and more layers, at least two or three, and the last one is used to lining that block light.


So multi-layered, diverse mix, with no lace curtains conceal the decorative effect. Day and night are available to cover different aspects of lace, the effect is

lace curtains

This flowing lace curtains can use through whole year.