The designer curtain means the curtain is designed by designer according to your favorite style, what style your home is and other things of yours to only design a curtain for you. The advantages of designer curtain can be seem without any saying.

First:The designer design the curtain depending on your favorite style


If you have a curtain model in mind but there is no one can be found in the market. To meet you requirement and you can offer to a designer to design a curtain for you. Then you can come to the design office and ask him/her to design a curtain for you according to your design ideal. The professional designer will give you a devise of your design draft then make your own curtain base of your curtain ideal.

Second:Professional Designers Have A Comprehensive Design

designer curtain

You probably do not understand of the design, but you have a special liking on some curtain style. For this, a professional design should be invited to give you a perfect design of your room decoration with an appreciate curtain. With which will not make your room look like there is a beautiful curtain but something else is more or less badly go well with your curtain.

Fancy curtain is one of the most popular curtain for home decoration. There are many patterns on the curtain, some of them have dark background color while more others are light background color. Fancy curtains are lively and actively and beloved by most children.


Children present to innocent and naive. Kids' room full of cheer and cute when doing renovation with which kids can have lots of fantasy space. Fancy curtain decoration idea is the same to kids' room renovation idea. Both of them are purpose to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for kids. Fancy curtains have great air permeability quality even the curtain are draw down, light can go through the fabric gently into the inside room to make room feel warm. And with this bright curtain help, kids feel safe when they are staying in the room. \

Fancy curtains

On point we have to pay attention to is the fancy curtain's pattern and color for boys and girls are different. Make sure whom you are purchasing for and choose the right pattern and color.

For lace, I believe people will not feel strange, because in our life it appears everywhere, and it is probably one of the woman's dress is lace dress, or someone has lace underwear and so on. Have you seen lace curtains before? You can not seem to imagine the lace curtains. If the lace curtains is hanging at home, throughout the year can be used? It is only suitable for use in summer or spring. What it is characterized of lace curtains?

Lace After baptism of the market, only the development of woman's underwear from the past or clothes outside, now has begun to curtains and fabric development, adding some ethnic elements of European-style lace curtains, it will evolve into a new home fashion. Use of lace and lace curtains lace underwear is different, and the cost of imports from Korea lace is very high, but the effect is very costly, and sometimes also worry that such lavish lace curtains hang in the windows would feel. Just from the curtain, it has the effect of finishing touch, such as windows no decorative curtains, it might not look good, something missing, that these things happen, let home changed.

Lace curtains has several major features: no fading, no distortion, no pleats, and because of the relatively soft, is also very easy to clean. Since lace is thin, its shading effect is not very good, so lace curtains has more and more layers, at least two or three, and the last one is used to lining that block light.


So multi-layered, diverse mix, with no lace curtains conceal the decorative effect. Day and night are available to cover different aspects of lace, the effect is

lace curtains

This flowing lace curtains can use through whole year.